Schematic for Arduino Extreme v2?

Can anybody point me towards a schematic for the ancient Extreme v2 board?

One of the surface mount capacitors has popped off - circled on the attached image - which might explain problems I’m having with the FT232BM.


Cannot find a schematic but it's probably 100n decoupling. Is there meant to be a solder bridge between pins 3?-4? on the FTDI chip?

Thanks for taking a look. Both my board and the one in the image (not mine, pulled from Flickr) have the solder bridge between Vcc and *RESET, so it's probably deliberate.

Absence of a decoupling capacitor probably wouldn't explain the specific problems I'm seeing*, so it's possible the FTDI chip itself has been damaged.

  • USB->serial to the AVR works fine; serial->USB from the AVR is OK up to and including the FTDI input pin, but after that I don't see any activity. (Other FTDI devices function properly, so I don't suspect host configuration issues.)

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Ow, thank you. Sorry didn’t think about that. Just to focus to get the answer I need. Thank you for that.

I get the answer from arduino official account that the schematic diagram of Arduino Extreme is already not available. Because it’s an older version and thats too old.

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If you look up the spec if the chip adjacent I think you find the value of the capacitor you need in its data sheet .
That capacitor appears to connect to it and is related to coms .

You could always bring the Tx Rx connections out and use an off board level shifter . Or bin it and buy a new one …

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