SD card and Audio support


I've literally just posted this in the project guidance forum, but looks like I need to post here... So apologies for spamming...

Having read a bit more in here it looks like you can actually stream audio from SD card to an audio device so really I'm looking for what is possible and what hardware (shields etc) I'll need.

Here's what I posted on my other post...

So I want an audio board that can play 2 or more samples at the same time, ideally one being a music track and the second being a sound fx.

There appears to be this which takes it's own SD card and can play back a sample, but it doesn't seem to talk about being able to play multiple wavs at the same time.

There is also this which seems to take an SD card and allow me to read and write to it.

So what I want to be able to do is use the SD card for configuration as well as holding the audio samples, and then some method of playing back (trigger from Ardunio) multiple audio samples at the same time.

I.e. Game start, Trigger background music (so that should run without the Ardunio itself doing anything), then throughout the game trigger sound samples (again, a one shot "go play this sound").

Now this looks like I can do this if I bought two of the mkrzero boards but I'd need to hold the specific sounds on two SD cards as well as a third SD card (and the SD protoshield) for config stuff. Which would work, but seems a bit over engineered.

Thoughts welcomed.

Cheers, Rob

I don't know of any audio shield that can mix.

You'd have to use two audio shields, then you can make a passive mixer with a couple of resistors.

Or, the Raspberry Pi can probably do it and it already has an analog audio output.

Yeah, that seems to be the general vibe I’m getting… Looks like I’m just going to switch to a more steam punk look, bells and horns! Motors, compressors and solenoids!

Actually that might be quite cool!

in theory, the Tsunami WAV trigger can mix 18 tracks simultaneously. you would think it was running for president, all the bragging that comes with it

in theory it can play 1024 files with no folders. 1024 files on a TF card root folder

in my reality, on my TF cards, you get 128 files on the root folder

That WAV trigger looks awesome, I'm leaning away from using WAVs now, I thought it would be simpler but at £45 for the board seems a little rich for basically making pips and squeaks... Seems there's a few examples of people driving an AY chip or similar with an Ardunio which looks like it could be fun!