Hi everybody

i'm new about arduino and electronics. i want to make a project including sd datalogger. but i had a problem. i'am appreciated if someone show me where i did mistake.

firstly circuit was set as in picture( ) i am using 8gb micro SDHC card with SD adaptor. I formatted in FAT32. I can play audio files which are in appropriate format and read and the print contents of text files. but when i want to create a new file, strange file is obtained in SD card as in pic ( ). So I reformat SD card. the code that is used while creating file is as this;

// open a new file and immediately close it: Serial.println("Creating example.txt..."); myFile ="example.txt", FILE_WRITE); myFile.close();

somewhere I read SDHC card with more tha 2 gb capacity is not supported in aurduino and I bought 2 gb SD micro with SD adaptor. but in this case aurduino does not detect SD card. please someone help me.

Have you formatted the card in the proper manner? There is an article about that at the head of this forum.

thanks nick_pyner for your help, but formatting with SD formatter did not make difference.

Probably, aurduino doesn't support some SD cards, this problem looks like some cd driver or writer doesn't detect some compact discs.

I have two micro sd one of them 8 gb micro sdhc - sandisk - this is supported reading but not supported for writing

other one 2gb microsd- noname - this is not supported for reading and writing

is there someone tell me mark and type of sd card to be able read and write successfully.

You should be able to read and write to a basic micro SD card. what are the strange characters in the file names? they look non-ascii. at first glance it seems to be an incompatible character set.