SD library not working on ESP32-EVB? Can someone please help?

I am having trouble getting the SD library examples working on a ESP32-EVB board.

The example compiles but I see "Card Mount Failed" in the terminal.

I am not sure if the SD pinouts are correct, but I would not be able to change them as this is a single PCB:

Full Schematic

As stated in the arduino-esp32 SD_MMC example it says to use the following pins:

/* Connect the SD card to the following pins:
 * SD Card | ESP32
 *    D2       12
 *    D3       13
 *    CMD      15
 *    VSS      GND
 *    VDD      3.3V
 *    CLK      14
 *    VSS      GND
 *    D0       2  (add 1K pull up after flashing)
 *    D1       4

Is this board compatible with the SD_MMC library (the schematic is not clear to me)?

I am using a Sandisk Ultra PLUS 16g. I formatted it to 256Mb (both fat16 and fat32).

What else should I try?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I figured it out.

For some reason I had to change:



if(!SD_MMC.begin("/sdcard", true)){