Seasons greetings!

This is probably a good time to wish all members of the Arduino forum: Seasons Greetings!

It is Christmas Eve where I am, and the excitement is palpable. Well, almost.

It would be nice to know that Santa is using an Arduino or three as part of his product delivery system, but I suppose we'll never know for sure. ;)

Maybe some lucky kids will get an Arduino as a present, and will start down a path of enlightenment, about programming, electronics, or both.

Best wishes to forum users. :)

And seasons greetings back to you and to all the members of the arduino forum.


It looks like Christmas here. This morning a nice, crispy -30C, plenty of snow on the ground and hoar frost on the trees.

Seasons Greetings to all and thanks for all the help.

Well I am ahead of you, Nick. You may be a few hours ahead on the Timezone thingy - but in Scandianvia (and Germany) the Christmas thing (familiy dinner, prestent and that) occurs in the evening of the 24th. So I am all done.

(What did I get? Well, at my age, clean underwear is a great hit :-) but I didn't get any, but a new wallet and an almanack (next Total Solar eclipse in Africa 3rd Nov 2013) )

A belated Merry Christmas to all!

NB: (Google is doing a live webpage following Santas parcel route - at the time of writing: 3.664.728.284 present delivered after 190.654 km travel - currently hovering above Casablanca)

Best wishes to fellow Arduiners from sunny South Africa.

Thanks to everyone for their advice in the months I've been here.

for all: Live long and prosper!

It looks like Christmas here. This morning a nice, crispy -30C, plenty of snow on the ground and hoar frost on the trees.

@Jummy60 Do you have some nice pictures? Here in Netherlands we have rain @ 10C :(

We've had rain too; summer thunderstorm at about 30C. We had Christmas lunch in the garden (before the rain came).

robtillaart: for all: Live long and prosper!

Back at ya!

Here in Netherlands we have rain @ 10C :(

We've had rain too; summer thunderstorm at about 30C.

We have an unpleasant combination of the two: 3C, steady rain mixed with lightning, thunder, and small hail. Fixin' to turn to freezing rain later.

Merry Christmas to all, or whatever version of seasons greetings you partake of.

Here in eastern, MA, USA. it started out snowy, so we had a whitish Christmas to start the day. It has since melted off. But we're expecting 6-12" tomorrow, so that has a better chance of sticking around 8)

We had nice weather on Xmas day (22 C) but it's getting hotter again!

In the Arduino Cave here, it gets quite sleepy in the afternoons as the sun beats down, and the temperature climbs into the high 20s (mid 80s if you use Fahrenheit).

We seem to have quite a bit of turkey left over. It was turkey lunch, turkey dinner, turkey lunch again ... and for dinner tonight? Turkey, perhaps?

Pork chops for us - didn't get the turkey thawing soon enough. Maybe Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.

apparently they make frozen smoked turkey, it was tasty, juicy, and dead simple, thaw, heat n eat (its already cooked)

A late happy holidays! I am sure that smart Santa-believing kids world wide can install sonic rangers and IR detectors to chimney and plate (where cookies are) to catch Santa next year if Santa did get them an arduino this time XD

Our first white Christmas in 83 years…

wow!, first white in 83 years, definitely a X-mas to remember coming centuries

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all :)

here's hoping Santa brought you what you wanted

Jimmy60: This morning a nice, crispy -30C

I'm reminded of a Lewis Black audio from youtube about Minnesota winters (Warning: lots of X-rated language, as in any Lewis Black recording): when he saw on the news that it was -20F there, he said "That's not 'weather': that's 'an emergency condition'. And if you had any sense, you'd be calling the federal government to say 'Get us the (bleep) outta here!'".

06h00 New Years morning, 21C wall to wall blue sky.

Now is the time to finally switch to v1.03 ! or whatever we are supposed to be on now :-)

Perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks !

And I will also try to remember to control-T my sketches before posting the this year ( nature decided I was not meant to be musical, tidy, or thin - I have wasted quite a bit of my 65 years trying to fight nature ! )

Thanks everyone for all the help, especially when I have several projects on the go at once, and get myself confused...

Happy New Year John!

Best wishes to you all for the new year.

Hoping 2013 is better than the last one.

Christmas wiped out due to flu and my wife spending most of last year being in an out of hospital with something the medical profession can't find.

Still plenty to look forward to in the new year. The Due to explore, lots of shows already booked and more project ideas than I can ever get done. Both kids with settled girlfriends so you never know. I wouldn't mind being a grandad but I don't know if I can cope with being married to a grandma.

I hope 2013 is everything you expect it to be, no alarms and no surprises. :)