Seeking if anyone has work with FM broadcasting station

Hi ,
I am Lucky an Electronics and communication student from India , i came across this situation . My hostel (bording) have a FM transmitting station which can transmit in a radius of 10 km radius ( the station broadcast a welfare related news or information for rural development ) as it could not cover some village which are longer in range it became complicated ) and what i thought to do was to start a repeater antenna (link antenna) which will pick up the same frequency transmitted and up link it ( amplified) and re transmit the same information for the other 10 km radius . Do you think this is possible ? And i really don't understand which electronics component will perfectly pick the signal transmitted from our broadcasting station (excluding the other frequencies transmitted from the other station)
Note: Antenna height is already fixed .
The transmitting frequency is 90.8MHz
Any suggestion welcome
Thanking in advance to any adviser

Difficult to see what this has to do with Arduino.

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So this mean this can't be done or something ?

The Arduino will monitor the movement of solar panel to receive the sunlight , and further want to know the strength of the signal receive and strength of the signal transmitted , these far i know

And what i want was which electronics component could pick up the same frequency signal transmitted from our transmitter?
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ask a radio amateur in you neighborhood

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This does not seem to be the best place to get advice on installing equipment for use in FM public broadcasting.

There will be all sorts of regulations and requirements for this type of equipment, you need to check with your countries regulators as to what equipment you are allowed to use and what licences you need.

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You need a Rf receiver amplifier similar as on picture but with more gain (90 db) and mixer to change frequency by a few MHz then output of the mixer is going to Rf PA amplifier. Without mixer your receiver will pick up signsl from yout transmitter an that can cause the problem.

5W amplifier will do the job

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I think this will help me a lot @79galinakorczak
And i did something similar like this but it did not work well , it pick up frequency apart from what frequency i want
I will approach you Sir if it work
With best regard

I have , as to learn something i have to do what is required .
Thank you Sir for that advice
with regard

That station was just to innovate the people living in the country ( we say villages)
And we called the Radio station as the "Community Radio Station" we do have the right to do good for the people there ( living in villages)
Sir @srnet
with regard from Lucky

or use regular FM receiver and put audio output of it to this transmitter

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[quote="79galinakorczak, post:10,
or use regular FM receiver and put audio output of it to this transmitter

So you mean to re transmit the receive signal from the receiver ( Radio)
That was informative Sir @79galinakorczak
Thank you so much
Best regard from Lucky

Two important things which are non-negotiable:

  1. You require a licence to operate a transmitter. There are a number of conditions for the licence. You require an Amateur Operator's qualification and licence (or better) to operate equipment you construct yourself.

  2. You cannot transmit on the same frequency as you are receiving.

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So what do you say Sir @Paul_B if i could place the amplifier circuit at the transmitter itself

Yes well we do know that , and all i wanted was to amplified the transmitting antenna signals for quite a longer distance so it cover a couple of more village
And the Frequency we use for transmitting the information was granted by the Information telecasting Authority of India
Hoping you get me , this station transmit an information which will bring awareness and innovation to the people living and Rural (Village well you called the Country side)
So almost everything is legal
With best regard
From Lucky

They can not transmit on regular FM bandwidth.
The have own frequencies

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Yes sir @79galinakorczak
We do have our own Frequency (90.8MHz)

Well, it will be an auxiliary transmitter then, connected not to a receiving antenna but to the primary transmitter. Not quite sure what you are suggesting, it sounds simply like a higher power transmitter. to obtain a little more range. (Signal strength declines as the square power of the distance.)

OK, a power amplifier connected directly to the original transmitter. They would be available commercially.

Not sure how the laws work there, but you generally require a licence and you generally must use certified equipment where it is certified by the manufacturer to comply with technical requirements.

Indeed. Anyone else is required to use certified equipment from a commercial manufacturer who has undergone the full certification process.

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The FM station you have will probably be operating under some form of public service license.
It may have limits to its power and some have limits to is area of coverage.
I suggest you check these first.

You can however supply the listeners with aerials they can use to get a better signal from your station.
Or some instructions on how to build aerials, they would not be very big for your FM band.

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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Then I am sure you aprpeciate that you wont 'do good' for the people in your area if the equipment you install interferes with other communication services.

So what steps will you be taking to ensure that your FM broadcast station does not cause undue interference ?

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Then now i really give up with this
Are there any suggestion from you sir @srnet btw
With regard from Lucky

I really appreciate this suggestion Sir @TomGeorge
And very glad to have you on this topic
With love from Lucky