Send text message from Android to a Arduino Lcd Screen (WiFi)

Hi all,

I start my FYP this semester , which is : “Send text message from Android to a Arduino Lcd Screen through WiFi”.
I have zero experience dealing with Arduino and electronic material, however .. any advice about how to learn and do this project will be appreciate. Thanks.

I will use (Arduino Yun Rev 2) and (LCD SHIELD KIT, 16x2 BLUE/WHITE DISPLAY).

Read the guide at the top of each section which will give you advice on how to post on the forum. You need a lot more detail about you, your project and the research you have done thus far. Generally if you put a bit of effort in, get something together and then have an issue someone will be able to point you in the right direction. The forum guide shows how to upload photos and post your code attempts correctly.

Most your problem will be at the phone end, and you should look there first.

I recommend sending the data from Android to Arduino via Web. And then Arduino display the data on LCD.

For learning Arduino, this Arduino tutorial site may be useful for you