sending an sms message to my personal cell phone when house alarm is triggered

Good evening, i'm looking for advice on which board to buy for this......when my house alarm is triggered, it sends 12 volts to the sirens. i would like to take this output to an Arduino board and send an sms to my cell phone for each occurrence. The house is equipped with wifi. Any suggestions on the project?

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i would like to take this output to an Arduino board and

destroy it.

You can not put 12V into an Arduino. The upper limit is 5V, if you have a 5V board.

Any suggestions on the project?

The Arduino should be, at least initially, connected to a PC. It should send a value to an application listening to the serial port that the Arduino is connected to. That value should tell the application to send an SMS.

Once you can do that, the Arduino could acquire a WiFi shield, and send the SMS using the same process that the PC uses. Or, it could acquire a SIM800 or SIM900 shield and send the SMS using the cellular network directly.

It might be an idea to use an opto isolator on the alarm signal to isolate the Arduino from it . Connectbits output to a digital input .Then you just need a shield that will send a txt message to your phone .
Google that, most come with libraries and examples to get you started .
As an alternative you could get a network shield and send yourself an email. ( avoids any network charges)
Good project and should work well.

Go get a relay board like Altronix RB5 and when triggered with 12VDC you will have dry-contact terminals to connect to the Arduino. Simple.....