Sending integer from wemos d1 to arduino uno with rs485

Hi everyone,

Im working on a project i made most of them but i have problem with communication. Lets say i have wemos d1 as master and 2 arduino uno as slave. From master i have to send 2 integers (integer1=5 and integer2=6). i need to send integer 1 to slave 1 and integer 2 to slave 2.

Do you have example for this ?

This is the rs485 module i use. it just have rxd and txd. Can you write a example code for this rs485 communication ?

I'm really new to coding arduino and couldnt find any examples for this module to transfer different data to different slaves.

Please post your best effort at coding this

Bear in mind that the size of an int variable on the ESP8266 is 4 bytes whilst on the Uno it is 2 bytes

Have you got an RS232 to TTL converter at each end of the serial links ? How long are the serial links ?

I have deleted all the codes because none of them was working, i'll use this in a project need 12 meters cable. I've got Rs485 as i showed on the first post as image.

It us unlikely that anyone will write the code from scratch for you whereas giving advice on code that does not do what you want is easier

How many of them have you got and where in the project are they situated ?

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