Sensors that can help me to drive the automatic robot in ABU Robocon competition

I will participate in ABU Robocon competition there is an automatic robot that will make specified mission i will use arduino mega to drive it & i want to know the sensors that can help me to program. i will use

gyroscope line tracking sensor Infrared Reflection Switch sensor (Proximity) Sharp IR Proximity

this is the video of competition

thanks very much

and anyone can help me plz write yr email to contact with u

And if YOU could use some real words, that would be appreciated. Though, it looks to me like you are cheating.

I don't think so and sorry about bad writing form.

This looks like a very interesting but extremely difficult challenge. If you haven't done anything like this before, you have a huge amount of work in front of you. You may be able to use the Arduino to interface to the hardware sensors and actuators that your 'bot will need, but I think you're going to need real-time image processing and complex navigation algorithms which will need a far more powerful platform - and a huge amount of time and effort to develop. Unless you have several years to develop your solution, or already have a lot of relevant knowledge and expertise, this does not look like a solo project to me.