Serial and Software Serial on YUN

Can someone explain to me how the thing with the serial connections on YUN works.

The Problem I have an Programm witch is use the Bridge.

When I now try to initial the Serial Connection with:


the Sketch stops in the Setup Void.

When I try to use Software Serial I can not transfer any Datas.

The same Sketch with an UNO works (without Bridge)

Thank you for the Help[/code]

I have now disabled the bridge and there are data on the Hardware Serial PIN DO and PIN D1. But I do not get to run an software serial!?

Can you post the entire sketch?

Here the Code.

Allfunctions without the Bridge are functionality.

It is possible to use the Hardware Seriel on D0 an D1?

Thank you for the help

wall24_AquaControl_V01_00_00.ino (8.84 KB)

You can use d0 and d1 although doing so will interrupt the communication between the 32u4 and the ar9331