Serial monitor not opening [SOLVED]


I have a serious problem with the serial monitor since a couple of days. I have been using Arduino 1.0 on win7 x64 for a month or two now and the serial monitor was working fine all along. But since two days I cannot open serial monitor. When I click the on serial monitor from the drop down, the monitor starts off in the background and I can see it minimized. But when I try to maximize, it simply does not come up. It just stays there. I know it is working since in win7 we can see a snapshot of whats going on in the minimized windows.

Can some one please help me with this ??

Thanks -ksp

Marked as solved. Nick Gammon.


Never mind it is working now.

Thanks --ksp

Did you make changes to get it working? If so, it might be helpful for others to explain what you did.

Ohh I am sorry. I restarted my pc and it began working.

Its really weird because I tried restarting both the serial monitor and my pc before and it did not work then. Guess its something with the win7 not the arduino sdk.


I am having the same issue but a restart is not working... is there any idea of what is causing this?

The only thing I can think of that is related is I just started developing using the rxtx library, is it possible that I corrupted something? I also re-installed the arduino software so I dont know what else to try.

Please help, thanks,