Serial Monitor Printing Garbage

Hello everyone, im using a tinyduino board, with a tiny screen attached and battery etc. everything works fine, the board can run games or programs i load onto it.

however, when i print anything to the serial monitor i get garbage back, like the attached photo. if i print to the display its fine.

void setup()

  // While the serial stream is not open, do nothing.
  // Wait until the serial monitor is started.
  // This is only for the Leonarde and the Micro.
   while (!Serial) ;

   Serial.println( "Hello !");

void loop()
  Serial.println( millis() );

i tried running simple codes like this i found online but all of them gave me garbage. If anyone can help that would be great!

What is the line speed set to?

(No attached photo)

What is the line speed set to?

Line speed (Baud Rate = Bd) of the Serial Monitor (Fig-1); it should be same as the one set in the sketch -- 9600?


sorry, i uploaded the screenshot of the serial monitor now. hope it will help thanks!


I changed my processor from ATmega328p 5v 16mhz to ATmega328p 3v 8mhz and it worked.