Serial output from arduino to php(localhost, usb port connection)

Hi guys, I'm currently working on a design project. I am kind of new to arduino. In my project im using php to call different methods on the arduion. The problem is how can i get data from the arduino to my php page? In my arduion code i have a counter and a time i would like to "print" into the webpage. I have a MySQL database, and im using XAMPP. Do you guys have any solutions or recommendations ? what kind of codes should I write ? if you can post the code I will be appreciated.

Thanks you, Angil.. :)

Please don't post the same thing in numerous places. One topic, one conversation please.

The Arduino will appear as a serial port to your application. You just need the PHP-Serial class to access and read the data from that port.

There are also the Direct IO functions built-in to PHP but it's a bit more of a learning curve using those.

Maybe you'll have to put a capacitor between the reset and he GND. Because when the Arduino receive some incoming information (RX), it might thought that you are trying to download a ew program in it. It occurs to me when i tried to connect my arduino UNO to a RaspberryPi.

To communicate, PHP-Serial, like said Chagrin, is the best and easier solution to your problem.