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How we reset the Serial Read incoming byte. Actually, Face one problem. I received a distance value from Sensor with the help of (Serial.available()>0) and SerialRead. But the distance value cannot change even obstacle place close or far from the Senor. SerialRead give me only same value. I need reset the Serial.available to receive different distance value at different position when Obstacle close or far from the Senor.

Did you run some tutorials for the hardware in use?



Maybe time to share with us which sensor you're using; preferably the datasheet that explains the data format.

Posting images of code is absolutely useless. What are you going to do when the size of the code exceeds the size of your monitor? And please don't expect us to type it all in. Please post code (and serial monitor output or error messages) using code tags; please read How to get the best out of this forum to find out how to apply code tags when posting code / serial monitor output / erro messages on the forum.

OK fine

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