Servo controlled door lock need help!

I’m doing a project on RFID door lock. The main problem I’m facing is to control the door lock. I’m using a microservo for this. I tried all possiblities but I’m not able to figure out how to attach the servo pls help
I’m not allowed to modify the door

what about using a neodymium magnet

Is there any other cheaper methods?


How about something over the door lock knob that the can be easily removed but can connect to the servo arm using a servo rod. Maybe you can retrofit a door knob grip that is designed to help folks with arthritis to grip the handle better for opening.

amazon link

Thnx a ton I'll check it out.

Sorry , its about 2 to 4k in India n I spent 1.2k already. Is there any cheap methods.

Sorry for pestering u guys

Well, there's always cardboard and tape or glue. These things you may have around your home. Use this opportunity to think of clever ways to use materials you have around you. Look in your waste bin and see what items you once thought were trash but with a bit of cleaning, you can transform it to a true solution.

Good luck!

I’m not allowed to modify the door

The fascia for most door locks can be easily be unscrewed from the door. Make a sheet of some material - aluminium or plastic perhaps - that can fit between the door and the fascia (and with holes cut in it to allow the mechanism to come through). The piece of material can then be wider than the fascia to provide a space for fixing your servo very firmly with screws. If necessary the whole thing can be removed and the door furniture restored to its original state.


tnx a lot guys I'll try your tips

Thank you

@robin2 : the screws are rusted so I'm not able to unscrew the fascia.

@jseery : none of the material found are sturdy enough to withstand the door n I'm not able to figure out how I can push the material to expand the latch.


I'm planning to use a servo gripper to control the door. My question

Can a microservo lift the gripper?

To make it clear :

The image of the door lock is on my first post

I just need to pull the latch on the bottom of the door to open the door and the latch returns to its rest position after released

I honestly don't understand what you want to do at this point anymore :) I thought you want to turn the knob on the door lock you showed to us?

Maybe you could post a photo of the door to make things more clear.

lg, couka

smashingblaster: @robin2 : the screws are rusted so I'm not able to unscrew the fascia.

Then I'm all out of ideas.

How would the service technician deal with the rusted screws. Wouldn't you be enhancing the value of the property if you replace the rusted screws with new ones :)


Robin : Even I'm out of ideas . My only hope is servo gripper. Regarding about the rusted screws my parents don't really care abt tht.

Couka : the pics are at the first post. Basically u have to pull the latch to open the door Question Can a microservo lift a servo gripper

Link for Amazon

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Link for microservo


Regarding about the rusted screws my parents don’t really care abt tht.

I had been assuming you were the tenant. :slight_smile: