Servo doesnt run off 6v outside source correctly

Hey guys!

Ive got a program to run a servo off a joystick. The program works perfect if i hook up the servo to the 5 volts and ground on the arduino. If i change to my 6v battery pack (positive and negative ends to servo and signal from arduino), the servo just spins no matter what signal i send it. Any advice? What am i doing wrong?

You got the neg of the battery connected to the Arduino gnd?

I dont. I have it connected to the negative of the servo.

Basically positive and negative of batteries to servo. And just pwm signal coming from arduino to servo. Should i do that though?

The ground from the servo battery also needs to be connected to the ground on the Arduino so that they have a common reference point.


Ahhhhhhhhhh. Ok. Im dont know my circuits too well. I'll try that out!

Edit: worked now!!!! Thanks a bunch !!!