setting up differential pressure sensor

Need help.

I have the MPX5050DP differential pressure sensor. There are 6 pins; V-out, V-ground, VCC, V1, V2, V-EX.

  1. How to hook this up to arduino nano. I tried ..
  • VCC to 5V
  • V-ground to ground
  • V-out to A0
  1. I used the example sketch to AnalogReadSerial or ReadAnalogVoltage but no luck.

Any advice is appreciated.

What does the data sheet tell you about how the interface is intended to work?

The data sheet gave me the pin locations but not much more guidance.

It looks like you had it connected properly. Pin 1 (with notch) to Vout, pin 2 to ground and pin 3 to 5V. If you connect Vcc to 5V and ground to ground can you measure, with a meter, the output? Just to verify the sensor.

The data sheet confirms it's designed to be powered with a nominal 5V between Vs and Gnd and produces an analog output signal in the 0-5V range on Vs. Ignoring the Arduino, if you just connect 5V across it and measure the voltage on Vs you should see a voltage in the 0-5V range which varies with differential pressure.

Actually 0.2 to 4.7 Vdc is the nominal output.

Got it working. Thank you everyone.

Hi filo47,

I'm planning to buy the MPX5050DP. How did you connect the pins to the Arduino?