Several Mono LED Strips with and Uno

Ive just ordered a 5m reel of Red Color 120LED/M 3528 SMD LED's which I am planning to cut into several smaller strips and then make the strips flash and dim at different speeds etc.

I have now suddenly realised that the strip will only have a + and - , What will be the best way to power the LED's and connect the several strips to the Uno boards pins to make them flash and dim.

I'm guessing that the Uno will not be able to power 5m of LED's which means the LED's will have to have a seperate power source?

Does anyone know of a good simple tutorial/diagram/schematic I could follow?

Many thanks in advavnce!

Most of the LED strips I see are designed to be run off 12v. If yours are like that you will need a 12V supply and some transistors for switching. The specifications should include how much power the strip draws, typically 0.8A/meter.