Shield designs - which idea first?

Hello Folks

I am a electronics engineer who wants to start making / selling my own Arduino shields. These shields below are area's that I have hit in my professional career in one way or another and wished someone sold them. Your opinion would be greatly excepted and I do encourage negative replys as these are usually the most helpful.

I do plan to make these shield with the Due and Mega in mind first with the idea that the the shields would be dual voltage

A good friend has offered to write a PC application for the shields for ease of use for thos who just want to plug and play. This may be sold separately depend on how things develop.

My first of many problems is which shield design to be developed first 4-20mA with HART transmitter Multi channel 4-20mA with HART receiver Multi temperature sensor technology to high precision ADC with memory (RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistors) 8Ch+ Temperature sensors logger with memory Peltier controller with temperature sensor LED strobe controller for high speed cameras

Which shield interests you the most?

What is a HART transmitter?

It's an old industrial communication standard which works over 4-20mA infrastructure.

The 4-20mA is an analogue signal what works over 2 wires and is one direction only. Usually the 4-20mA Tx something basic like pressure, temperature sensors. The HART allows more information to be send bi directional.

If it is an old protocol, is there a market? (as your goal was selling stuff)

I don't know if HART is worth it (maybe in some industries) but 4-20mA would be I think. I've just done a board for industrial control that required a current loop interface.


Thanks you all for your feedback. The HART coms is still big in the Oil & Gas industry which i know i wont be selling into but might be selling to developers like my self, the extra hardware and code should really be a problem (I say this now) for price and development time.

Does anyone have any other comments on the other shields?


Multi temperature sensor technology to high precision ADC with memory (RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistors)

A high precision ADC with memory and calibrated voltage would be very nice!

Thank you everyone for your comments. The general consensus among this and other user forums is the multi temperature sensor technology shield.

So as a future killer cyborg one said - I'll be back

A high precision ADC with memory

How high precision? And what's the memory for?