SHL12864 COG display interface wiring


I have received this display SGL12864 COG with an ST7565 driver.
I am struggling with the wiring as I would like to connect it via SPI (which the doc says is possible).
According to the datasheet attached, you need to have “S/P” Low to enable serial, but I can’t find this “S/P” as a separate pin.

Has this anything to do with the Power Supply voltage 3.3V or 5V by any chance?

in any case, any experience and or ideas would be welcome.

The BLOCK DIAGRAM shows J2 and J3 solder-bridges. Break J2, Make J3 for SPI.

I have never used ST7565 but I am sure that U8g2lib supports both SPI and Parallel.

Oh, the chip is 3.3V and almost certainly not 5V tolerant.

It is not clear whether the "5V to 3.3V Level Translator" is external, on-chip or on-glass.
If your module has visible J2, J3 solder-bridges it will have all the items in the Block Diagram i.e. you can connect to VCC=5V and happily use 5V GPIO.


Hi David,

Yes you are correct about the J2-J3 solder bridges.
I had not noticed them on the block diagram and it took me some time to locate them on the board (attached pic). They are set to // by default so I’ll have to change that.

I assume that means that the 5V to 3.3V translator is present too.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at this and for the useful help!

best regards