Should I get a motor geared down to gain torque if I don't need the speed?

I am about to order some parts for a little robot project I have in mind. All trial and error of course, so it will probably change a LOT during its course. I want to try and keep it as small as possible, but still have as many servos and motors as I want/need. I saw that there were options for lower rpm, but higher torque on some motors.

So my question is... well, as the topic reads. I don't have the need for the motor to go that fast, and more torque can't hurt, right? :O)

Be sure that you know the speed of the output shaft of a geared motor.

As long as the motor can operate at the speed you want the only concern is that it has at least enough torque. Too much can't do any harm - apart from to your wallet and your battery life.


Its rare for any motor in a robot (except for steppers) to not be geared down,
small motors have typically 10,000rpm at tiny torques (torque is determined
by motor volume to a close approximation BTW).

What specific tasks is each motor intended to do?

It’s for movement, “walking” sort of. Still in the prototype state up in my head. :O)

It'll need gearing down... Have you thought about servos though?

(Of course servos internally are geared down 100:1 or similar)