Should I use a charging doctor inbetween my mac and arduino

newbie, is it a good idea to put a usb charger doctor into my mac and a usb cable output from the other side that goes to my arduino? I've seen posts where its recommended in the rare occasions to protect the MacBook but i've also seen youtube videos recommending not to plug it into a laptop directly. One like this

Allmost all laptops/pc's have build in protection that disables the usb port when its shorten + most arduino's have a diode that 'turn of' the arduino if the current draw (USB) goes over 500 mA.

So i dont think you need a charger doctor....

Hm good to know, but if I would like to just incase, would it different/better to do macbook:chargingdoctor->arduino Or macbook->chargingdoctor->arduino -> meaning usb to usb : meaning directly on port

That "thing" does not protect. It just measures and displays USB voltage and current.

USB is made to power things. Try to understand the limitations of USB power, so you don't make mistakes.

Or use an externally powered USB hub. Leo..