SHT10 connection issues

I've recently purchased a SHT10 sensor. It finally arrived. ITs a DFROBOT part number SEN0148 made in china 2018.09.30 stainless steel probe.

on wht dfrobot wiki (Digital_Temperature_and_Humidity_sensor__With_Stainless_Steel_Probe___SKU_SEN0148_-DFRobot) it says that this is a SHT20 sensor... beeing a SHT20 its a 3.3volts sensor right ?
it needs the 330ohm resistors on the SDA/SCL vcc on the 3v3 of the arduino.
So far so good.

But on the sensor i got a sticker saying : TYPE: DB130-10
SUPPLY: 2.5-5V output digital.

Now i am confused :
Cause if it is a STH10 its a 5 volts sensor and i need no resistors...
but if it is i will burn it if i connect it to 5 volts...

help ?

if you read their wiki, they seem to be fine @ 5 volts

but if you check the code its says 3v3 :\

Actually the code doesn't specify any connection pins on arduino.
So that code is probably for I2C.

The SHT20 is a 3x3mm chip.
The probe most likely contains all the supporting parts for that tiny chip, including a 3.3volt supply.
Just follow the instructions, so you can blame DFRobot if something goes wrong :slight_smile:

Agree it's confusing. they write

  • Red wire - 5v
  • Blue wire - GND
  • Yellow wire - Clock wire
  • Black wire - Data wire

but then document in the code

 * Hardware Connections:
 * -VCC = 3.3V
 * -GND = GND
 * -SDA = A4 (use inline 330 ohm resistor if your board is 5V)
 * -SCL = A5 (use inline 330 ohm resistor if your board is 5V)

I would trust the datasheet

on the schematic they connect to digital pins on the code its I2C...

I2C needs four wires. Power/GND/SCL/SDA.
The probe only has three.?

probe have 4 wires.

there is a thin yellow wire in the drawing

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