Signal Recovery/ Signal Repeater device to recover/push up my signal


I am using Arduino Uno to program the TI LED driver (TLC59731) using a Single-Wire Interface protocol.

The signal is a collection of 0 and 5V pulses. However, when the signal is transmitted to my device (about 30ft away from the Uno) the signal becomes so weak as the TI LED Driver can't read it (drop down to pulses of 0 and ~1V). This might cause by the type of cables and so much load that I have at the downstream.

I am wondering if there's a Signal Repeater / Signal Recovery devices available on the market that I can simply buy and set up to push up my signal?


30 ft is 9 meters. Manufacturer's page : It can run at 3.3V and at 5V. It has a 600 kbps serial interface called "EasySet".

600 kbps over 9 meters cable is not easy. The Arduino Uno can supply 40mA for an output pin. The signal at the end of the cable could bounce so loud, that a repeater won't help. What kind of cable are you using ? Do you have the specifications of the cable ? Can you make a photo of the cable ?

The limitations of I2C, SPI, Serial and 1-Wire are well known. But the "EasySet" is new to me. Is there documention for "EasySet" ? Perhaps it is not ment to be used with a cable at all.