SIM800L EVB constantly restarting with > 2A?

Hello! The SIM800L EVB module I ordered just arrived. I tested it out today, but it keeps on restarting if I plug in the SIM card. if it’s not plugged in, it doesn’t restart, but I still don’t get anything when I send the AT command. In the video I linked below, you can see that I just connected it on the PSU which can deliver 3A (more than the 2A it supposedly needs), I didn’t even connect the Arduino. look at the ampere meter on the right, it never even reaches 1A. do you maybe know what I should do? is the module malfunctioned and should I ask for a refund? if that’s the case, can you recommend me a GSM module that can work on 5V directly and/or is reliable?


see if is helpful