Simple arduino question


I recently programmed with an Atmega chip on a stk5000 board. I just started using the arduino uno board. My question is can i take the chip off and use it as a standalone or does it need to be on the development board. Never really used Arduino so if someone knows it would be helpful.

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Yes, you can pull the chip off an Uno for example and use it standalone.
It is expecting an external 16 MHz crystal & two 22pF caps or a 16 MHz resonator (with internal caps generally), so you need to add that.
The chip runs more stable also with a 10K pullup resistor on the reset pin, and 100nF(0.1uF) ceramic caps on the VCC, AVCC, and Aref (if using analogRead) pins connected to Gnd. AVCC must be connected to VCC also to power the analog portion (which can also be digital) of the chip.

It's actually probably easier to use a separate Atmega 328 and keep the Uno intact so you can use it as the programming device.

If you are content to use a separate Atmega 328 at 8Mhz you don't need any external components.


Thank you for all the help. I was the circuit guy in my senior project. So I built the circuits and did some coding so I am trying to get a good familiarity with arduino. But thank you all for the help ill definitely get a crystal.

I'll definitely get a crystal.

Just one?