Simple code for a gyroscope

Hi everybody,

I'm working on project whose goal it to measure a distance thanks to an ultrasonic sensor (this part is already working).

However, my sensor is not always perpendicular to the surface I'm pointing at. To have the true value of the distance, I'd like to measure the angle of my sensor and take it into account with trigonometry.

I saw a few examples of programs to control a gyroscope, but they seem really complex, and use librairies such as Wire, I2C... Do you know if there is another way that is simple to know what the gyro is telling me? Using a analog input for instance?

I also need only 1 axis, that's why I'm looking for something very simple.

Thanks for your help!

When you don't know the distance, how do you want to compute an angle? For a triangulation you'll need at least two distances and the angle between both. This implies that you have to turn your sensor, by some degrees at least, and obtain the related distances.

I know the distance thanks to my ultrasonic sensor. But as my sensor may not be perpendicular to the surface I'm looking at, what is measured is greater than the real distance from the sensor to the surface.

If I know the angle alpha (alpha=0 when perpendicular), the real distance is given by (distance given by sensor)*cos(alpha)

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A gyroscope won't give a reliable tilt angle, because the readings will drift. To determine a tilt angle, accelerometers are often used. This application note describes how to do so.