simple IR remote

for my next project i want to use an ir remote (home made) to control a small circuit which will be connected to the PC using usb i have looked over a few ir libraries for adruino but i think they are an overkill for what i want - basically what i want is no more than 5 buttons on a home made remote sending some signals to the receiver

from what ive seen in the ir libraries the remote should send a set of bits but at different time intervals (someone please correct me if im wrong :D) how hard would it be to write some simple function one arduino to send the data and the other one to receive it and interpret it :) ? any help its appreciated

Hi putyn, Check this old forum thread, think it will get a long way there

i was most interested in the receiving part, some of the libraries ive seen use a time interrupt but that is something i dont really understand yet nor how to use it properly - probably ill try to use the external interrupt available but that is used also for serial communication if im not mistaken

now another question i have a IR receiver from Vishay (TSOP1836) and its a 36khz receiver when i chose my IR led what should i look for ?

"i was most interested in the receiving part" Really! One would not get that impression at all reading your first message :)

Vishay also makes a matching 36 KHz transmitter - do a search for that part.

For your transmitter, why not just use any of the many remotes lying around your home, if it is anything like mine? (I can see that there might be reasons to make your own... but don't overlook the simple answer, if it will do all you want!)

well i thought about that but since i only want 5 buttons i didn't find one that its that small and i kinda want to use this enclosure

@CrossRoads ill check Vishay site for IR transmitter :)