Simple RF transmitter/receiver for fast signal detection (with OOK)

Hi there,

I am new to RF communication and played around with my "2KM Long Range RF link kits w/ encoder and decoder". They work fine but I figured out that I need "faster" signal detection for my project. In this case I don't mean transferred data, but it coul dbe just the detection of the carrier wave amplitude above the threshold. I need this detection very fast and don't need the analysis of the signal to be sure that the right bit was transferred and stuff.

Could you perhaps tell me how I figure out what the modules do? For me it's difficult to find other modules I can buy from eg. For me it's okay when it's the raw carrier wave detection once it's above threshold. the only thing I need is a fast output this signal. I know it will bear the problem of false trues, but that is okay for me.

What I need are modules (receiver and transmitter) that work together, I can use in Europe (so 434 or 868 Mhz), don't have further analysis stuff inside can be transmit and received for about 500 to 1000 meters. And they should also be "cheap" :D.

Any suggestions on this? Best regards,