Six Cool Ways To Play With The LED RGB Strip

Hi everyone,

I’d like to introduce the six cool ways to play with the LED RGB Strip, check this video first please:

These are water proof addressable RGB LED strips that come packed with 30 LEDs(1M) . It’s fashionable for you to create cool lighting effects at home decorative, fish tank, your car or perhaps cabinet lighting in your kitchen.
Check the details of it now:

Except the features of high brightness and full color, you can control each LED RGB individually, and each of these strips are enclosed by a flexible silicon jacket with an IP65 waterproof rating to protect your LEDs.

With a 3-pin connector, you can use Me RJ11 Adapter to connect the strip to Makeblock Me BaseBoard like below picture.

Otherwise we have provided Arduino library for easy programming.
Note: Makeblock Me BaseBoard can provide up to 3A/5V for power out to drive a long RGB LED strip(about 240 LEDs).
Okay, now it’s time to play:

  1. Light Flow

    2.2.Light Flow II
  2. Breathing Light

  3. Blink

    5.Bias Light

    6.Scattering Light


Nice. Can this board also control multiple led strips? I'm looking for something that can power and control 5m digital led strip. But how awesome would it be if this little board could power 8x 2m led strips. Is it too much to ask from this board? Would one need extra power supply to power these led strip(s)?