Sketch on Web IDE Emptied Overnight [RESOLVED]

Last night I flashed my sketch and it is still running correctly this morning. However, my entire code disappeared out of the sketch overnight (I left the browser open with the computer locked). The sketch still exists, but it is now one blank line. I have tried CTL+Z, and refreshing without any effect. My other sketches are all fine.

I am working with Arduino Mega2560 r3 boards on the web IDE. The browser is Chrome on Windows 7.

Is there any backup on the cloud? Is there a different avenue I need to follow for support?

Any support is hugely appreciated!

For future reference, there is a forum section dedicated to the Arduino Web Editor (AKA Arduino Create):

where the people who can help you are more likely to see your post. I have requested this thread be moved there.

Thanks for moving the post, I did not find this part of the forum before. If it helps, here is the link to my sketch that was blanked out:


The sketch has been restored to the last backup. We're investigating to understand what caused the glitch

Thank you for the restore, you saved me a lot of rework! I am implementing a backup plan to be on the safe side in the future.