Small problem about nRF24 and 328p on breadboard

Few days a go i tested my nRF24L01 if they work or not, I followed some internet tutorials
for the basic setup and test just to look if they work or not at a point I had a problem and I couldn't
find what caused the problem so that's why I'm here.

I used as Arduino Uno R3 with nRF24L01 as receiver so I could see the Serial port of received data,
connected the cables as usual nRF example using RF24 lib.


I connected that pins directly to my Arduino Uno as receiver and worked pretty well.

As a transmitter I used a atmega328p on breadboad using the same nRF's pin out.
On the breadboad I used as follows:

2x 22pF ceramic capacitors and 16Mhz crystal
1k Ohm resistor from reset pin to VCC
and nRF's pins connected to the needed pins.

For the nRF i used a KIA 1117 3.3v regulator and as the tutorial says I used from
vcc to gnd of the regulator a 10uF electrolitic capacitor to (boost up the nRF). As a battery I used a
Li-Ion 3.7 (charged 4.2v) battery connected to breadboard + / - and from there to atmega and regulator.

At the beginning everything looked like worked well so I changed the small nRF's with the PA ones
with the 2db antenna, I done some tests to see the range inside the house and It really disappointed me because at 5 meters and between almost 2 walls the signal is lost complitly (That's the 1st problem), another thing is that after a while the breadboard just stopped working at the beginning
I thought is the lack of power of the battery because i use one battery 4v (which suppoed to be 5v for the atmega) both at atmega and nRF so I just plugged the power jumper wires from the breadboard
to the Uno 5v and It really surprised me because it didn't worked and I couldn't understand why.

That's the 2nd problem, so is that because of the lack of power of the battery and Uno as well couldn't power up the breadboard?

About the 1st problem: I set up my nRF at 250kbps which makes it more comfortable for big ranged
but did not worked in between few walls, is that normal? Because as i saw there is a thread which says nRF work perfectly on a clean space without objects in between.


Help? :smiley: