Small screen for handheld project?


I'm looking to get a small screen so I can turn my raspberry pi into a portable programming device for my arduino! Would anyone have any recommendations as to which smaller screens are best?

Thanks guys!

Well this is an Arduino forum not a Raspberry Pi one. Why not ask over in their forum:-

The official 7" one is good and it is a touch screen. Use a Pi 2 or 3 because it took forever for an original Pi to program an Arduino.

I would recommend a hy display they are 1.8 inches and realy small here ... also here is a git hub for it More LCD Modules · ssilverm/fbtft Wiki · GitHub

You can't run a Raspberry Pi from such a low resolution screen. You need at least 640 x 480 and even then it is pushing the graphics needed to run the Arduino IDE.

The link

Is about driving the display from a Pi, not running the GUI on it.