Smaller Arduino board than Uno for 1-channel Ambilight?

I am planning on building simple 1-channel Ambilight (Atmolight) clone based on this tutorial:

Since this is only 1-channel and uses only pins 9,10,11, Vin and GND, would it be possible to substitute the Uno board with smaller one? If yes, which board would be compatible?

I am asking because this would be my first Arduino project and I am complete noob in this area.


Yes. Promini.

Or make your own on the perfboard with the other parts. Only need a few components - atmega, 28-pin socket, 3 100nF caps (Vcc, AVCC, AREF to GND), 16 KHz xtal, 22 pf caps, 10K resistor, 7805 5V regulator, two 1uF caps.

Thanks for replying. I have looked at the Pro Mini. It looks like I would also have to buy the USB adapter for it as the project uses USB to connect to the computer. Would the Arduino Nano also work for this project? This one is smaller and already has the USB port built-in.

Yes. Or add a CP2102 based USB-Serial adapter to your standalone card, $4 on e-bay from China. Then when something blows you can replace the ATMega, or the CP2102 board.

Thanks. I will go with Nano board then. Less number of components, better for me as I do not have a lot of experience in electronics.

“I do not have a lot of experience in electronics”
That’s why I suggested a more modular approach. You blow up the Nano, you’re out the whole board.
You blow the promini, the attached FTDI Basic is likely to survive.
Same for the standalone/CP2102 module approach.

Just be careful with any higher voltage (12V) lines.

Modular approach makes sense but I think that less components limits the number of mistakes I can make. I am noob when it comes to Arduino and have limited experience with electronics but I think I can handle total of 5 wires without burning down the house. :slight_smile:

Nano is in the mail so hopefully next week I can start the project.

Thanks again for your help.

No problem. Good luck with the project.