Smallest (physical) DigiSpark board?

I am trying to find out what DigiSpark board is physically the smallest? (or off the shelf ATTiny85 I guess)

I have seen:

Blue ones:

Black ones:

Ones with the USB port 'built-in':

Maybe this? (The Nanite?)

and I have found just as many varying 'dimensions' even within the same modules/models.

I have never used one... so am looking for a bit more 'concrete' evidence here. :slight_smile:

I'm looking for the smallest, quick drop-in solution for something to DRIVE/CONTROL (not power) a neopixel strip.

ie: My main Arduino will be busy doing other things (mostly audio/servo).. and I'd like to be able to send a serial command (or whatever) to the DigiSpark and have it play/update the neopixel patten/animations

maybe there is a better approach?

Thanks guys!

about the size of a quarter. ofc, for about 14 bucks (plus components) you could probably design an even smaller board.

a teensy can drive the LEDs and do audio at the same time.


I do have a Teensy laying around somewhere!..

but no audio stuff for it.

(Using a WaveShield variant more or less)..

That Trinket looks to be bigger than the DigiSpark though...

I'm trying to nail down some 'valid' dimensions of any variant of the DigiSpark.. (most ebay listing have varying sizes listed)