$$$ SMT Feeder motherboard

I've made an SMT feeder motherboard using 3 Mux (CD74HC151M96) and 2 LED drivers (PCA9956B) and 24 DC Motor (DRV8833) drivers, all running on ATMEGA328PB. See attached schematic.

I am trying to code something so I can send M600 N F
N = Number of Feeder: 0…NUMBER_OF_FEEDER
F = Feedlength, has to be a multiple of 2 mm, 24mm maximum, which in return moves until X encoder counts (defined in config).

The LED drivers control the motors that move the tape sprockets and the MUXs control which feeder the Atmega chip will read the encoder pulses from. I'd also like to potentially have a curved start/stop so the start/stop is not abrupt. Should be fast, but not abrupt so components don't go flying off the tape. The PCA9685 gives you fine-grained control over the rising and falling edges of the PWM pulses for each channel

Here is the pinout matrix: Feeder Matrix - Public - Google Sheets

Anyone up for collaborating on this? I will provide 10 free SMT feeders in return with a motherboard so you can build or use on your own SMT machine.

Or, if you'd like to provide a quote, PM me.


Maybe you should say what you want?