Snow shovel

While this is not a new project it is the first season my project is using
Arduino's as a main controller, past seasons have used a PC as a controller.

I'm using a Mega, and a Nano in the device, then a Nano in the remote controller and
a Nano connected to my Home PC for when shoveling snow.

the complete build is documented at: complete build

That's a very cool project. Thanks for sharing!

very smooth, very quiet, very strong.

short test video 240lb sand bags.
lift test video

Idea for further development: replace the remote controller by autonomous system like robotic vacuum cleaner is.

Budvar10, I did go that route for my lawn mower.

mower video

mower topic(not Arduino controlled so off topic here):mower topic

but, it's a lot more fun for me to play in the snow using the FPV approach.

video of FPV approach


As an Arduinoist I will give my full respect, specially 'cos I've been building one of my own but I've still loved to lawn grass and plow snow by myself too much so I've kept my AutoLwn back, for now :slight_smile:


TommiP, I also enjoy completing simple tasks like mowing grass and removing snow&Ice,
which is in sharp contrast of the demands of the work-a-day world. but each of these tasks
comes with some baggage , mowing with it's heat ,bugs, and noise. snow with it's dangerous
cold and falling risks(added because I'm getting old). that's why I think FPV is the best approach
for these types of repetitive tasks. best of both worlds, hands on completion of a task, in the
comfort of home(Sweet!).

6" of snow equals hours of entertainment

Got the four wheel drive connected.

and got the chains for the front wheels figured out.

and got the engine for charging the batteries.

and got an arduino nano to start the engine, using the engine's internal
alternator for letting the nano know when the engine is running.