SoftwareSerial file util/delay_basic.h not found

Using Arduino IoT Cloud Create Editor to build a script for an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect using the SoftwareSerial library:
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(8,9);


One of the compilation messages:
Using libary dabble_1_5_2 at version 1.5.2 in folder: /home/builder/opt/libraries/latest/dabble_1_5_2

Compile process terminated with the following error:
/home/builder/opt/libraries/latest/dabble_1_5_2/src/SoftwareSerial.cpp: 45:10: fatal error:
util/delay_basic.h No such file or directory.
#include <util/delay_basic.h>
compilation terminated.
exit status 1

Why do you need software serial on the rp2040. I do not believe it is supported. The nano rp 2040 is a native usb device, and you use can RX/TX with Serial1 as a second hardware serial port.

Thank you. It was just to try after I was not successful in using Serial1 or Serial2. Please see my other topic from today. ( Serial2 Nano RP2040 in IoT Cloud Editor not working - Using Arduino / Microcontrollers - Arduino Forum)

I suggest you abandon this thread and go back to the other one, and post your code.

As you can see/check, I closed my other post. I solved it.
However the error mentioned in this thread is an error in the library over which I have no control because it is in the Cloud system.