Solar Panel Powering Arduino Uno?

I need 9 V to power my arduino uno and the servo motor that I am using with it.
Would I be able to directly plug this solar panel into the arduino uno and have it powered by the panel without any additional electronics?

Here is the link to the solar panel:

No. 9V 3W is not enough power to run any sort of servo. And that's probably a maximum under a sunny cloudless day in mid-summer.

Solar panels have a very variable output depending on the load and, obviously, the amount of light. They are potentially useful for charging a battery which provides the main power but that's about it.


How many volts should the solar panel be?

How many volts should the solar panel be?

It's not about the voltage but about the current. 9 Volts 3 Watts becomes 3 / 9 = 0.333 Amp or about 333 mA. Not much current to work with there. Now if you were to parallel 3 such panels under bright sunlight you would have about an amp which depending on the motor load would likely suffice. Keep in mind, as was already mentioned, the power is always specified under optimal bright sunlight.


You could use the solar panel to charge 4xAA NiMH batteries, which will power the servo. In full sun it will take that panel 8-10 hours to fully charge the batteries, assuming they are completely discharged to begin with.