Solar panel wiring


I received from aliexpress 3 solar panels that are completely different from what I ordered, and I have no idea how to wire them up.

I want to connect them to a TP4056 battery charger to run an arduino 24/7.

Any help on wiring welcome.


Solar panel :
TP4056 :

Use multimeter to measure which contacts have voltage under sunlight.

Two contacts are for connecting a bypass diode.

I think the extra pads are to allow simple links to be connected to connect cells in series when the panels are placed above and below each other.


A little more fiddling with multimeter and I found where to connect to get the rated 6v...

I was previously only getting readings of 2v or less and I was wondering if I needed to connect those pads in a certain way to reach 6v.

Thanks !

That's a series diode, not a bypass.

It looks like 3 cells so 1.6V at full power is about right. But I can't see the front so can't be sure its not 3 strings of N.