Soldering for the beginner.

This has probably been covered a million times, but i'll ask anyways.

I have a crappy soldering iron with a bent tip that i've used for rough soldering before.

I want to get a better iron, more suited to circuit work. Suggestions?

Also, I have no experience soldering smaller wires/circuit boards. What's the best way to learn?

Weller WLC100 for <$40 isn’t bad. Nice to have adjustabilty. has some good tutorials, I believe. Get some old circuit boards to practice on: Get some solder wick to remove components and solder them back on.

Hakko FX-888 Good Price… Excellent Tool.

Panici: This has probably been covered a million times, but i'll ask anyways.

Indeed. Although using your topic title as the search only finds around 400,000 pages on Google.

pwillard: Hakko FX-888 Good Price... Excellent Tool.

Agreed. I moved to the FX-888 recently. The color scheme is silly but the iron works very well for the price.

There’s a good (long) guide to soldering at…

… and also good help in the ModernDevice instructions for their kits, e.g. pg 10 of…

(The ModernDevice help is more concise.)

I'm relatively new to soldering as well. I've found Sparkfun's Soldering 101 tutorial ( to be quite helpful. Unfortunately, I still have a hard time working on smaller components because minor shaking in my hands is amplified along the length of the iron. Has anyone else had similar experiences or have suggestions for dealing with this type of problem?

Soldering equipment and material is but just one part of successful soldering. The other is proper technique which one learns with experience and practice. Remember you have to heat up the pan before you stick the meat in. That also applies to other activities.


@ Attack_Parakeet

One of those gel handrest for keyboards with a little someting to lit it up a bit would help ?


Oh, that's a good idea. I think that most of the shaking comes from my fingers, but that could probably help. I'll have to give it a try.

Also, caffeine doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

KirAsh4: Also, caffeine doesn't help. :)

I find that beer works though. Although, a calibrated amount is required. It doesn't take too many to get to the point of diminishing returns.



Note about the weller 100.. nice iron and all..stable.. but getting very small/tiny tips is a NO GO... at least not like needle point or anything..ST7 I believe it smallest I could find.. unless another brand/size will work??????

Also.. tip:

PRE-TIN EVERYTHING! it really helps.

What's the best way to learn?

Here is a webpage that might help: