solenoid array


I am developing a product, in which a number of solenoids act like mini punching machines. these solenoids need to be realty small- ( currently under development). I would like to know whether Arduino will be abel to controll them?- . The micro- processor need to activate one solenoid or more solenoid at a time, similar to dot matrix printers.

So, please let me know. thanks

Each solenoid will need a driver as an Arduino output will not provide enough current to actuate a solenoid. The driver can consist of a transistor (logic level MOSFET or BJT), a flyback diode and required resistors. An external power supply will also likely be necessary.

For small solenoids the current will be low - if under 200 mA or so, look at the TPIC series shift registers. Don't forget the flyback diodes.

If you want advice on how to drive your specific solenoids, do post complete specifications.

Don't forget the flyback diodes.

Unless of course, you are using the TPIC devices. :grinning: