solved: compiler does not find existing file

solved: there was a typing error, s instead of S

hi, I installed the Arduino IDE 1.6.9 on my tablet PC with Win10 and want to compile a sketch which is proved on my PC and running.

The sketch shall run on a Nano board. I selected Nano as board and the port. So far it is ok because I can start the Serial Monitor. When I click the upload button I get the following message

Error during compilation for the board Arduino Nano could not find C:\users\Klaus\Documents\Arduino\examples\Windsimulator\Windsimulator.ino in C:\users\Klaus\Documents\Arduino\examples\Windsimulator

This is really strange. The above directory path is set in the Preferences. I loaded the sketch from the above directory. But the compiler does not find it!

What is the problem?