[SOLVED] Pcb layout for Nokia 5110 bare graphic LCD

I'm designing a PCB to attach this graphic LCD, because it's very inexpensive (5 for 10 USD): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5PCS-84-48-Nokia-5110-LCD-Screen-Nokia-5110-lcd-Bare-Screen-For-Arduino-/310538158996?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item484d844394

The only issue I'm having is that I'm unsure about what kind of connector it has, i.e. what I have to create on my PCB to accommodate the connection.

Is anyone able to see how I might make the connection?

Note: There is no formal datasheet, it seems. But I do know that Sparkfun sells a board containing this same LCD: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10168?

You need to make a PCB with pads to accomodate the connection to the LCD.

Have a look here: http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-51656/l/tutorial-zero-cost-84-48-graphical-lcd-for-the-freescale-frdm-kl25z-freedom-board

// Per.

Oh yes, tons of detail there - thank you Zapro.

Also, I just found the Eagle part made for the same bare LCD (Nokia 5110). Here is the link, in case someone in the future finds a use for it: https://github.com/chiengineer/Eagle-Libraries/blob/master/LCDs/lph-7366.lbr http://sparkle.tribbeck.com/eaglesearch2/libs.php?libid=488

By the way, I'm assuming you have this LCD. How do you like it? -- I'm wondering if it draws a lot of current (i.e., needs bright backlight) for good visibility.

I have some of these LCD's from scrapped Nokia phones. They are absolutely great, and does not use much current. Think of a cellphone like a 3310, the standby time is enoumous, so the display is made to save power. They are readable just fine without backlight.

// Per.

Good to hear; most of the TFTs I’ve worked with have been power-hungry.
I’m designing a few PCBs for this, but with an Atmega already on the board (an “LCD-duino” so to speak). Let me know if you’re interested in a couple of the blank boards (complimentary).

Cool. I wouldn't say no to a free board, shipping in an padded envelope shouldn't be too expensive to Denmark.

I'm pretty confident laying out boards in Eagle myself http://www.blog.zapro.dk/?p=342

What software do You use ?

// Per.

@Zapro: Aha, I've seen your blog before! This article made me remember: http://www.blog.zapro.dk/?p=121

I use Eagle; you seem to have far more and versatile experience than I do; I'm somewhat of a beginner with PCB design -- BTW, your latest project looks pretty fun. I've played with the TLC5940s, but they consumed too much standby current (no sleep pin) for my current project, so I stuck with shift registers.

If you wish, please shoot me a PM with your email, and I'll mail you a couple of boards soon as they're ready!