[SOLVED] Problem with Servo TD-8120MG

I always used the SG90 servomotor without any problem. I would like now to use another one more powerful (connected on pin 5) but when I try to rotate it between 0° and 179° it vibrates strangely.



How is the servo powered ?

Two things that commonly stop a servo from working properly:

  1. Trying to power it from the Arduino 5V pin
  2. Powering through a breadboard.


By 5V pin... Ok, maybe Vin pin will prevent these vibrations. I'm going to try it!


What voltage is the servo rated for and how much current does it take when stalled ?

How are you powering the project, how is the power connected to the Arduino and which Arduino board are you using ?

Now I connected the servo direclty to an Uno (GND, VIN, D5):


Maybe the servo is simply defective?
The seller said me to try to reduce the pulse width!? How can I do that?

What voltage is being supplied to the Uno and how is the power supply connected to it ?

That causes current to flow backwards through the 5volt regulator, from USB to V-in.
You now have likely fried the 5volt regulator of the Uno.

Servo power should be completely separate from Uno power.
Only signal and ground must be shared.

You can sort-off get away with powering a tiny unloaded SG-90 from the Arduino,
but not a larger servo that has a stall current of an Amp or more.

Thanks to all, now it works!
It's powered with a battery charger (5V) but with the 5V or Vin pin it didn't work as expected.

With circuit in parallel (Uno just for sending the signal) now it's ok :slight_smile:

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