[Solved] Ultrasonic USB MIDI advice

I am fairly new to Arduino and I think that, despite my research, I end up buying the wrong stuff!
I have an Arduino Uno, Nano 33 BLE Sense & a Teensy 3.2. I am using macOS Catalina and Ableton Live 10.
I have been trying to create an ultrasonic MIDI controller using an HC-SR04 or the built-in proximity sensor on the Nano 33, but have encountered several problems when doing this.

  1. Using the Uno - I can't create a USB MIDI device - I can't use Hairless as it does not run on my Mac's 64bit OS. I did have it almost working using Max for Live, but it was very unstable then just stopped working (and I can't figure out why!) and I'd rather create a USB device than use Max.
  2. Using the Nano 33 BLE Sense - I discovered that this board's Mbed architecture is not compatible with the MIDI USB libraries or Control_Surface library - so I have not been able to make this communicate with Ableton.
  3. Using the Teensy 3.2 - this is recognised by Ableton as a USB MIDI device. However, I cannot use the HC-SR04 as the Teensy is only 3.3V and the sensor needs 5V.

I realise that my main problem is that I just don't know enough to build this yet - I am working on that! :smiley:
but it would be really helpful to have some advice on how to approach this - eg, example code to use, what hardware I need, or if I can build it using what I have already.

Thanks for any help you can offer

Control Surface recently added USB MIDI support for the Nano 33 BLE. More info in this thread: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=728614.msg4901090#msg4901090


This is awesome, thanks PieterP :slight_smile:

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