SPADA The Micro SCADA for Arduino

Hallo everybody, I am through the template, open source of my SCADA.
MyArticle has been approved on Code Project, where you can find the source file and also a technical description.

The principle is how to organize the communications. A lot of programs that I tried, they "set the pin on". But is not useful to my scope. I have these requirements.

  • Control of the variables with Hysteresis (value ON != value OFF)

  • Control of the variables with feedback

  • Set the value On or OFF and the feedback "Setpoint" run-time, via PC

  • Control of the variables with feedback

  • Detect the local actions (such push of buttons, example: a pump will be activated when the tank is full, or when I push a button, because I want empty it, and I must activate the pump also from PC)

  • If something is activated manually, show a warning

  • Program save in DB

The solution that is included in SPADA can be resumed with:

I set variables, and with these variables can I RULE THE WOOOOORLDD!!!!
So just to organize the code in this way.

This is really impressive, and very generous of you to share the template and code etc.

I can see a home brewery, with a controlled fermentation pitched at 12 degrees C and rising to 18 degrees over 6 days, followed by chillback to 2 degrees, using a dumped fridge and a solid state relay out of this. Microbrewery, anyone?

Or a little makeup shop, which mixes its goo until the viscosity reaches a setpoint (power drawn by motor rises to a point), then stops.

Or a sourdough shop .....

What you have done here is given templates that could produce a little manufacturing revolution, just as cheap industrial process control started off the microbrewery movement in the '80s. It's not so much about the price, more the gain in quality.

That is what I love about this community, and arduino in general!


So thanks for the compliments.
The choice to share this code is because I am not a software seller.
I would build a small power plant. And to monitor it I have to code for my self this program. So after that I code it, what I have to do? I keep it in my hard disk? I think that if somebody need a professional tool, SPADA is not the first choice. So do not think that can win money with it. Instead with sharing, I have also my come back the possibility to:

  • leave people fix eventually bugs...
  • animate my site
  • It is a on-line reference.

And also, it is fully dedicated to this circuit. If somebody wants adapt it for his circuit, has still much to do. And may be, can happen that give me the work.