Sparkfun Sensor Kit on Arduino

Hey, guys!
This is the first time ever I decided to try to belong to this community.
So, what I’m doing - I’m trying to connect all the sensors from Sparkfun’s sensor kit to Arduino Uno (there is not space for all of them, but that’s not the case).

So I got them all working on Arduino Uno, but there seems to be a problem with A5 analog input pin. The problem is - it is till 3.3V high comparing to common ground even if i upload a simple analogRead on A0 or whatever other pin.

I have all my analog inputs connected. All the other pins are outputting some voltage too, but that’s not significant. No idea why do they output something at all :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ask wether it’s normal or not. For now A5 pin is totally useless for me, because it screws up the analog reading. Does it sound like invalid wiring? I kind of checked the wiring, but didn’t see anything wrong.