SSD1351 SPI with SD card on non hardware pins

Hi all, been hitting my head against a wall here, hope someone can tell me if what i am proposing to do is possible or if its just plain not possible. I have a adafruit 1.27" SSD1351 display hooked up as follows:

SSD1351 1.27" w/sd adafruit arduino mini CD ------------------------------------>A0 MISO --------------------------------->8 SCS ----------------------------------->7 OCS ------------------------------------>5 DC ------------------------------------>4 CLK ------------------------------------>2 MOSI ------------------------------------>3 RST ------------------------------------>6

so in conjunction (and reason i don't use hardware SPI) is i have a NRF24L01 connected as follows

NRF24L01 Arduino mini CE-------------------------------------->9 CSN------------------------------------>10 MOSI----------------------------------->11 MISO----------------------------------->12 SCLK------------------------------------>13

so far i don't have code per say, i have used the "test.ino" from SSD1351 examples to drive the ssd1351 on softwares pi pins and it works fine... but i cannot get the sd card to work (i think because i cannot assign the MISO pin int he SSD1351 call(all others can be pointed to pins).

I have tried using SDfat, but then it does not read the bmp properly when i use the bmp example.

I only need to read the sd card once to display a image, can be in the setup loop... when its in main loop i will never address the sd card. i will just grab info from wireless NRF24L01 as fast as possible (thats why i used hardware SPI) and periodically update text on the OLED display.

so - is it possible? i am not worried about speed for sd card read since i only do it once... can you guys give me some examples or pointers?

thanks, Spence

Why can't you connect to the SD card with the hardware SPI port? When I first read your question I figured you were talking to both so much that you were worried about the speed. But then you say you only use the SD card once during setup. So it can't possibly interfere with the radio. So why not use 11, 12, and 13 for the SD card too and then pick whatever pin for SS? That's the whole point of SPI is that it supports many many devices to share the SCK, MISO, and MOSI lines.

That's a good point… But I don't have anyway of isolating just the spy for the SD card.... it's shared with the OLED display since they're all part of the same unit. I don't think I could bridge the two SPI networks.... does that make sense?

Just connect them both. You don't need to isolate anything. You only need to make sure you have separate SS pins.